Our News

  • Our 2nd Plant Pot Design & Portobello Market

    We then drew up a design for our 2nd Proto Type Plant Pot. in a sketch and then had an engineer turn our sketch into a set of drawings which could be used by our tool maker to make a custom mould for our equipment. 
  • Manufacturing in Scotland

    Ocean Plastic Pots met with a product design company in Glasgow and from there we sourced a manufacturer in Scotland. Manufacturing in the UK keeps our Carbon Footprint small and allows us to have more control of the end result. It also invests in the economy at a time when the UK economy has never faced such economic challenges.
  • Selling our First Pots at Leith Market, Edinburgh

    Ocean Plastic Pots was fortunate to be invited to Leith Market in Edinburgh, where we planted up a batch of our small pots with herbs in.
  • Ocean Plastic Pots is Born

    I had started to study process and recycling methods as well as manufacturing techniques for recycled plastic. Through various ideas and concepts, ...
  • The Mv Kaami

    On Monday the 23rd of March 2020, the general cargo vessel the MV Kaami ran aground on a rocky outcrop at 2am during stormy winds and very high sea...
  • The Whale

    On the 2nd of December 2019 a 10 year Old Sperm Whale weighing 20 Ton died after becoming stranded on a Sandbar near the beach at Luskentyre on the Isle of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. During a postmortem its stomach was discovered to contain 100kg of Ocean Waste Plastic. Fishing Nets, Rope, Packing straps, Bags and Plastic cups were some of the items amongst the compacted mass found in the mammals stomach.