Can an Ocean Plastic Pot be used inside or outside?

Ocean Plastic Pots are UV resistant and frost proof and can be used inside or outside.

Can I plant directly into my new Ocean Plastic Pot?

Ocean Plastic pots can be planted directly into as a grow pot or used as an over pot.

Are they made from 100% waste plastic?

We only use 100% waste rope and fishing net to make our Plant Pots

Where are they made in the UK?

Ocean Plastic Pots are manufactured in Scotland.

Can my Ocean Plastic Pot be recycled again?

We only use one type of plastic polymer, PP, to make our plant pots. They can be recycled again please see your local authority
guidance on PP recycling in your area.

Where does the colour of my Ocean Plastic Potcome from?

The colour of your Ocean Plastic Pot comes from the colour of the rope and fishing net recycled to make them.

Where does the Ropeand Fishing Net to make the pots come from?

We have a collection programme at several Scottish ports supported by the Ocean recovery project, for rope and net. We also partner with beach cleaning Groups and recycling old mooring rope diverted from landfill.

Do they have a hole in the bottom?

Ocean Plastic Pots have a hole in the bottom.