Knobble the Minkie Whale

As part of our company ethos we wanted to give something back and so through the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust we have sponsored a Minkie Whale Called Knobble. Knobble is called Knobble as his distinctive dorsal Dorsal Fin has been nibbled....

"Minke whales, like Knobble, migrate to feed in the rich waters off Scotland’s west coast during the summer months. We are all delighted to welcome Knobble to the Hebrides once more! Knobble’s recent sighting from Sea Life Surveys really highlights how crucial their sightings data is in helping us monitor the movements of individual animals year after year. Most of what we know of Knobble is thanks to their dedicated crew who track all their excursions on our Whale Track app and take photographs that are used to identify individual animals.