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Matt Grey 'Bloom Pot' - Ulva Beach Plastic.

  • £20.00

This Matt Grey "Bloom"  Ocean Plastic Pot and Saucer set is made from rope and fishing net collected on the Isle of Ulva during a 4 day beach clean in April 2022. The Isle of Ulva is situated on the west coast of Scotland near Mull, on the Atlantic.

Ghost rope and nets wash up on the beaches of the small island. A team from Ocean Plastic Pots spent 4 days cleaning the beaches and collecting the ocean plastic to make these plant pots.

These pots are made using only 100% rope and net collected on Ulva.

The matt grey colour is created when all the colours of different small bits of rope and net collected combine during recycling.

The pot comes with a matching saucer and a hidden message aimed at  "Growing Awareness of Plastic Pollution".

Created by a deep sea diver after salvaging a stricken cargo ship full of plastic off the west coast of Scotland.

They can be used inside or outside. As a growing plant pot or decorative over pot.


  • It is designed to take a 12cm grow pot for a house plant. 
  • And measures 13cm in diameter (outside edge) and 11.5cm high.